Earlier this year, as a consequence of my new year resolution, i lost 20 pounds and 9% body fat in about four months. I came out completely transformed with a totally new outlook towards health and fitness. The byproduct of this exercise(pun unintended) was that i read up a whole bunch of information on the topic of losing weight, building muscle, getting lean. Ive tried almost all the popular weight loss programs on the net and some of it were really good.

Along the way, i have busted several myths in my head. So I wanted to give back to the web, what I got from the web. To provide inspiration to all those people who are trying to lose weight and get lean. Perhaps the most important metric in this endeavour was that i did this while maintaining a high pressure corporate job (12-14 hours a day).

I didnt join any gym. I trained at home with a few dumbbells and a barbell. I had no access to cardio equipment. I did not do a single ab crunch/situp in the entire four month period.

It was great while it lasted. After my initial success, where i lost 5 inches off my waist, i hit a plateau and then kinda slackened off.

But now i am trying to get back on the wagon and going for the jugular, the coveted six pack. This is a blog about my experience along the way. Hope this will benefit all those who read on!

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  1. Hey mate..
    Very very intresting blog…i my self was in the process of wanting a six pack and to lose weight…i will follow your progress with great intrest.

    One thing thou… i heard that ‘protein’ shakes really dont work at all…prove me wrong?

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