Get Paid For Workouts!

This one is for all the spouses, friends and near and dear ones of your beloved who is struggling with his/her motivation to workout. I am experimenting with this scheme which I want to share with you.

I have committed to doing atleast 3 workouts per week. For every workout that I miss, I am going to pay my wife INR 5000(equivalent to US$100). That’s quite a sum for me.

So either I am going to get fitter or my wife is going to get very rich.

Since the carrot ain’t working too well, let’s see how the stick works in providing me with the required motivation to finally achieve those Six Pack Abs this year.

A new dawn

Six Pack Motivation

Update – April 20th, 2009. The stick worked very well. I have managed 3 workouts in a single week after a very very long time! My wife’s kinda sad though. No extra income this week 🙂


Fight Procrastination Daily!

Procrastination is one habit that can hold you back from progress in any field. It is also very disastrous on your health. If you don’t get enough workouts than the whole point of exercise may be fruitless. I found this very useful post on 7 tricks to fight procrastination. Check this out. It’s pretty helpful!