Strength Training – Week 2

Once again this week managed to do two workouts. Though the nutrition aspect was not too well handled this week. The progress on the workouts was pretty decent. I have been making 10lb increments on the Bench Press and Overhead Press. I did check out with other trainees and was advised to stick to the 5lb increment rule, else I will be stalling much earlier.

Checkout the discussion on this here.

Workout A
BB Squats – 20lbs – 5/5/5
Bench Press – 20lbs – 5/5/5
Power Clean – 20lbs – 5/5/5
Push Ups – 5/2/2
Rev Crunches – 12/12/12

Workout B
BB Squats – 25lbs –5/5/5
Ov.head Clean – 25lbs –5/5/5
Deadlifts – 55lbs –1×5
Pushups – 6/2/0
Prone Bridges –1x 35secs, 1x30secs

I am considering replacing the Power Clean with Bent over Barbell rows. In fact the recent program had Inverted rows as the basic exercise, but since I did not have the equipment for that, I replaced it Power Cleans – but somehow – not enjoying it. I think I will be better off with BB rows.

Starting slow but steady – 2 workouts for 2 consecutive weeks. The best part of this program is that it starts off easy – atleast for me. I can’t wait for it to get more challenging. I will keep updating as we go along.



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