How to calculate your Body Fat Percentage

One of the most important ways of calculating your progress when you are on a fitness program is to know how to calculate your Body Fat Percentage.

Anyone who has been on any sort of a diet or an exercise program knows how frustrating it is to step on the scale after a week and see no change at all. But one should not fret. There are some things that a weighing scale cannot accurately measure and that is the small changes in your Body Fat Percentage.

Weekly monitoring of your Body Fat Percentage is a surefire way to keep oneself motivated.

Learn How to Calculate your Body Fat Percentage here.


My Six Pack Journey – Update Feb 2009

Wedding_Lloyd Pinto

Well I’ve been out of action for several months now. Got married in January 2009. The leadup to the wedding was very hectic. But now i plan to get back on track and resume my journey once again. Will keep posting regularly.