Ten Commandments of Six Pack Abs

1. Thou shall eat Breakfast everyday

2. Thou shall drink 3-4 litres of water everyday

3. Thou shall do cardio with progression (slow, long, interval- any)

4. Thou shall do weight training with intensity (preferably supersets, multijoint, full body workouts)

5. Thou shall have alcohol in moderation (preferably none)

6. Thou shall get atleast 7-8 hours of sleep everyday

7. Thou shall keep track of your progress (both diet and workout)

8. Thou shall do a variety of AB & Core exercises (not just situps and crunches)

9. Thou shall get your share of veggies and proteins

10. Thou shall not give up

Perhaps you can add many more commandments here. Let me know your views.


My Six Pack Journey – Day 8

Week 2
Day 8 – September 29th, 2008

It was a heady mix of Monday Blues plus guilty feelings of having pigged out at the weekend. Just didnt feel too good today. Oh!! didnt feel like eating anything today. Hardly ate anything after breakfast until evening. My metabolism must have taken a nosedive today. Not Good. For all you friends reading this. I would not advise doing this. You tend to be extremely low on energy and highly prone to cravings – which happened to me in the evening.

Phew not a very good start to Week 2. But i am going to pick it up and be resilient. In times like these i turn to these lines from Rudyard Kipling

If you force your heart and nerve and sinew,
to serve your turn, long after they are gone,
And so hold on, when there is nothing in them,
Except the will, which says to them, “Hold on”

Yup so i’ll be holding on and so should you. Each day must be better than yesterday.

I also keep reminding myself about another saying from a person, i truly admire – Robin Sharma

Its all about making 1% improvements everyday. Being 1% better than you were yesterday. Before you realise, at the end of the month, you would have improved by 30%.

So Hold on Friends, I promise to be at my best on Tuesday!


My Six Pack Journey – Week 1 Roundup

Well, I am the end of Week 1. So How did i do on the Four Pillars of Six Pack Abs

Checkout the above post to understand my MINDCARE philosphophy.

MIndset –  Motivation – I guess i’m starting to get into the groove. My mind is focussed on the goal, but it tend to waver a bit due to social pressures. So i would rate my self at 2.5/5

Nutrition/Diet – Had a pretty mixed bag here. Some Good days, some not so good days and i did pig out at the weekend – so this would be 2/5 for me.

CArdio  – didnt get any cardio workouts this week – so this would be 0/5…oops.

REsistance Training – Although i didnt get all the 3 workouts as per Vince’s Program did manage to nail the one workout I did. So this would still be 2/5.

Based on the above score, I would average a measly 1.63 on the MINDCARE philosophy. But no fret. This is week 1 and I only have to improve in the next week.

Would love to have feedback from all readers as to how they would rate me on each of these parameters.


My Six Pack Journey – Day 7

Day 7 – September 28th

Sunday – The most risky day in terms of nutrition. I had a dinner party in the evening – my best friends birthday. So i tried to play as safe as i could during the day.

Breakfast – boiled egg sandwiches n tea
Lunch – Dal Rice and a roast chicken leg + Protein shake
Early Evening – protein Shake
Dinner – a typical cheat meal – with Soup, Chinese main course and a Baskin Robbins for desert.

Perhaps a fitting end to the week.

Couldn’t get a training session on this day though.

Check out my next blog for my round up on Week 1.


Six Pack Abs for Dummies

If you are probably new to training, working out, dieting – like i once was, perhaps the most common myth about abs are that you must do 1000 ab crunches a day to get a flat stomach. Yup i believed that. After all everything i saw on television perpetuated that belief. The ab roller, Ab wheel, Ab machine this and ab machine that and ab sauna belts.

I did try doing that and every time a felt a slight burn in my belly after a set of sit-ups or crunches, i used to think..wow..my blubber is melting.

When finally nothing was working, i decided to get an education. I turned to my teacher – the one and only master – Google.com and started reading up all the information that was there on the web regarding losing weight. I didn’t even think of six pack abs then. I just wanted to reduce my pot belly, which had become a subject of ridicule. Partly i was also scared of falling prey to the lifestyle related diseases such as diabetes (since i have a family history) and other heart related illnesses.

That’s when i heard the bell go off in my head. That’s when i first read about Body Fat % and later on finally understood what it meant.

So simply Six Pack Abs for Dummies – lesson 1 is basically very simple. If you want to get six pack abs, all you have to do is get your body fat percentage down to single digits 8-9% or less. That’s when its going to show. Every one has abs. It’s only hidden behind that layer of fat. You’ve gotta burn that belly fat through cardio, diet and weight training and then you will finally see your coveted set of abs.

It’s not as easy as i have made it out to be. It will require hard work. But its achievable.

So there you go. If you need Six Pack Abs – you have got to get your Body Fat percentage down.

But for starters check out my Ten Commandments for Six Pack Abs


My Six Pack Journey – Day 6

Day 6 – September 27th 2008.

Finally the day I had been desperately waiting for. I was looking forward to my workout. I think i nailed it pretty decent for a first workout.

I am following Vince Delmonte’s Your Six Pack Quest program. Now i love Vince’s No Nonsense (pun intended) approach to working out. He will not treat you with kid gloves but tell it like it is.

Once of the major discoveries, that i learnt from this program was the intensity of the workout. All this while i used to meander through my workouts without hardly raising a sweat.  No wonders the results were few and far between.

On the first workout that Vince had outlined. I could barely finish 1/3rd of the total workout. But i was totally spent in 20 minutes..gasping for breath and dripping sweat as if someone had just dunked my into a pool of sweat.

But first the preparations. I made a play-list of my fav songs..fast paced numbers, totalling up to time of 25 minutes. I had decided that i was going to workout till all the songs play out. I’m pleased to tell you that i not only finished that play-list..but went beyond and heard one more song and did a 5 minute cardio jig. Man i loved it. There’s nothing more satisfying than the feeling of good tiredness after a great workout.

Coming to the actual workout – this is what i did.


Incline DB Chest Press – 25lbsx 15 – 2 Set/Body weight Squats – 15 – 2sets.

superset 2

Incline Db Chest press – 2 sets/ Bodyweight reverse lunges – 10/each leg – 2sets

superset 3

Shoulders presses – 1 set x 10/ 1 setx 8/1 leg box step ups – 10 each legs.

By this time i was totally spent. That i did some core work

Push up Bridge – 2 sets – 30 secs each

Plank – 2 sets  – 30 secs each.

I was feeling very great so i decided to go for some cardio – Brisk walking – dont have a cardio equipment yet.

For the nutrition…kinda mixed bag

breakfast – was a couple of samosas – I know – pretty bad choice.

but had a postworkout protein shake. Then lunch was decent – rice with tomato curry and fish.

midevening – a tall protein shake – 40gms protein.

Evening chapati and veggies and a couple of chicken pieces.

then had to head out for a surprise midnite birthday bash of one of my close friends…kind of messed up a bit here..a piece of cake…a few bites of the nachos and the pasta arrabiata.

Gotta go for a more formal dinner today evening.  Im going to set myself up for it. Going to workout just before going for the dinner…so that i can absorb the carbs easily. for the rest of the day…will be pretty frugal.

Cheers.. I’m happy i got my first workout.. Will definitely get one more today.


My Six Pack Journey – Day 5

Day 5, September 26th 2008

I knew I had to be careful today, since i had a corporate dinner to attend in the evening. Had my regular breakfast.

Mid-morning – had my share of 14 almonds.

Lunch – shared a colleagues tiffin – who had got some yummy chole (chickpeas). I really love em.

A small slip up or perhaps a give in …some colleagues had ordered a pizza. had a small slice of an 8 inch pizza…

Dinner – was more determined to get a good one here. Was delighted to see Roasted Chicken on the menu. Perhaps the perfect thing to have. High protein low carb, low fat. Couldn’t resist the butter chicken though..had a small portion. Skipped the wines altogether. Shared half a desert with another diet conscious colleague.

Felt pretty satisfied at the end of the day. Came through pretty okay.

Phew..was looking forward to Saturday’s workout.